MUSIC MAN 212 HD 130


  • Two solid-state channels with independent volume
  • Treble, Middle and bass controls
  • Reverb and tremolo on channel 2
  • Shared Master
  • 4 EL34 / 130W tube power
  • 2×12” DV Mark Neoclassic speakers


After more than 3 decades Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to announce the reintroduction of their HD and RD series amplifiers. The new Music Man amps are faithful recreations of the most popular and coveted models from the golden era of amplifier design.

This reissue and upgrade of the Music Man amps line is being overseen by one of the world’s leading amp designers, Marco De Virgiliis of DV Mark and Markbass fame. Currently available models include the HD-130 head, the 412 GS cabinet, the RD-50 1×12 combo, and the 2×12 HD-130 combo.

At their core, Music Man amps feature a unique design that underpins the exceptional tones they are legendary for. These amps combine a solid state preamp with a power tube output section that’s loaded with EL34 tubes.  These tubes produce the big, warm, and round sound most guitarists are searching for. The benefits of this approach are more clean headroom on the clean channel combined with some of the best drive tones you’ll ever hear from a dirty channel

The 212 HD 130 is a 130 watt combo with an all tube power stage (4 x EL34) and two solid state channels – each featuring independent normal/bright, volume, treble, middle and bass, with a Master gain and Normal/Deep switching. Foot switching is available for reverb and tremolo. The clean headroom and creamy tone of the two solid-state channels of this combo are exceptional, making it a great amp to run with pedals. The 130W of pure tube power being delivered by 4 EL34s allows the 212 HD 130 to handle any kind of stage, and thanks to its two lightweight custom designed 12” neodymium speakers, that tube tone comes without the usual weight penalty.


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