Compact digital multieffect



How many amps & pedals do you need to sound your best?

Maybe you just need an Ampero One.


Hey guys, I always use a tube amp and 9 pedal rig, and I love this sound. Why should I choose Ampero One?

OK, that is very easy on Ampero One. It has great tube amps generated by new technology, modeling everything from extremely heavy driven sounds to pure clean ones. You can play heavy grunge to jazzy clean. These are easy by using our New Hotone modeling technology : CDCM HD + F.I.R.E makes it all possible.


What is it, digital?

Our dynamic modeling called “CDCM HD” reacts enough to the dynamics of your playing style. It’s not flat sounding like other modeling. Also, IR systems. An easy description is that “it emulates to a preset sample sound”. This helps sounds like acoustic guitar in Ampero One. If you want to know more, go to white paper and check out the specs.




Does it sounds better than other modeling systems?

In order to make you sound amazing, Ampero One needs massive processing power, must be LIGHTNING FAST. Making you sound like you want for “your rig”, it needs to use a SHARC® DSP* chip.

NOTE : Ampero One features a powerful Analog Devices® SHARC®* series DSP. Compared to HOTONE XTOMP, this processor features increased performance and hardware-based audio processing accelerator modules, which makes it easy to handle multiple XTOMP-grade high quality effect algorithms.

*The mentioned manufacturer and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character/features of the products.


I do not want to keep jumping up & down on switches.

If you keep playing with an old fashion amp & pedal board, you need to keep stepping on switches on pedals. Ampero One is easy, one switch to change all presets. And those switches can be tailored to your needs.




I can adjust my effect chain of my rig at any time!

Numbers of multi-effects feature a fixed signal chain (some of them might have a few flexible effect modules), but Ampero One is different. You can easily modify the effect chain by a few simple touches and slides on the screen — That’s much more convenient than using a “fix chain” multi-effects or changing pedal orders on a huge pedalboard!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to carry an amp & big pedal board to gigs

You do not need to carry an amp to your gig anymore. Maybe your favorite one or two pedals along with Ampero One.  This will be your complete live rig.  And Ampero One runs on 9V DC like other digital pedal on your pedal board.

9V adapter?

Yes, instead of Ampero’s 18V power supply, Ampero ONE runs on 9V, which ensures better convenience, but internally Ampero ONE is driven by 18V DC at analog section for closest possible playing expereince comparing to to Ampero’s stunning dynamic response. This design makes dramatically higher dynamics than other pedals. Electric & Acoustic guitars could breath more deeply. You can play with your good chops.



*No input mode selector?

Yes, Ampero One does have no input mode selector* compared to Ampero, But we designed a special input jack with high input impedance (up to 4.7M Ohms) for the best possible instrument compatibility. This makes Ampero One ready for electric guitars/basses and acoustic instruments without a input mode selector.





Yeah, I want to play at my live gig just like my recording.

Once you program your favorite sounds as “patch” on Ampero One, you can directly record from a USB or connect to an audio interface from analog outputs. So, at live gigs, you can recall the same “patch” to play the same way “live”.



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