Fender American Professional II, is it really vintage?

Fender American Professional Il is the new line of products from Fender. Another commercial gimmick or is it a new Series to consider?

It looks like 2020 has been an enlightening year for Fender, and this series is a testament to their commitment to researching and manufacturing highly valuable tools.

Restyling or New line?

The restyling includes a whole series of measures that affect various parts of this new product line.

We list the most important innovations that differentiate this Series from its previous ones

Main features

The guitars have the new so-called “Deep C” necks. This is a variable shape, thinner towards the nut and thicker towards the higher frets, where they come to remember the shapes of a U-shaped neck. The shape is designed to accompany the natural twist of the wrist from the first position, where some prefer to hug the neck with the whole hand until the thumb sticks out at the top, towards the highest frets, where the most natural setting wants the thumb behind the neck to counterbalance the fingerings . The “Deep C” neck, therefore, transforms and now sports smooth, rounded fretboard edges.

The handles

Particular attention has been paid to the bass necks.
The P Bass borrows the profile already used by Fender for the model in 1963, universally considered one of the most comfortable for the type. The Jazz prefers a tapered Slim C, and both have two Posiflex graphite bars inside, positioned on either side of the truss rod to reinforce the structure and make it less sensitive to climate change.

The finish

The satin finish is “Super-Natural” while the neck heel has been sculpted from scratch for an extremely comfortable feel and easy access when playing from 12 fret onwards.

The new V-Mod II Stratocaster single-coil pickups are warmer and truly vintage. An improved 2-point tremolo with a cold-rolled steel block increases sustain. The American Pro II Stratocaster offers instant familiarity and unprecedented versatility.

fender american professional

Fender American Professional II – Jazzmaster

The body, based on the color chosen, is available in both alder and toasted pine.


Alder balanced sound perfect for all genres.

Toasted pine is a light wood known for its powerful and highly resonant tone, but calibrated to the right point thanks to the toasting.

Go on, Fender!

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